SCREEAM is the coolest new app that lets YOU choose your friends’ ringtone when you call them! Record a song, make some noise, or just SCREEAAAMM and that’s what they’ll hear as you call!

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Screeam Guy

How it works

1 Step 1-2
Open app
2 Step 2-3
3 Step 3-4
Hold down the red button
Or just record
your message :)
Release, and let
your voice become
their ringtone !!!!!

Have you ever wanted to surprise someone, or prank them, but can’t think of a fresh new way to do so? Here’s an idea: send them a SCREEAM! With SCREEAM, you can record any audio you please – the song you’re currently listening to, the traffic noise you’re hearing, or your voice singing or SCREEAMing – and when you hit ‘send’, we’ll do some magic to convert your audio into a ringtone that will play on your friends’ phone as their ringtone. Your audio will repeat continuously, just like a ringtone, until your friend picks up your call or you hang up! Start SCREEAMING!!!